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    The Girl You Used to Know


    The girl you used to know doesn’t exist anymore. They said she is dead but her body hasn’t been found. They said it’s been days they have been looking for her. A few days ago, they found someone who looked exactly like her. She was of the same height, with a similar skin tone and shoulder length jet-black hair. They thought they finally found her – the girl who was reported missing and some even said, dead.

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  • taiwan-fi

    Taiwan Trip 2013

    Fyi: This entry was written last year August 16, 2015 for my previous blog.  Thought I’d share my trip to…

    Beautiful World
    / May 9, 2016
  • updates-fi


    Hello, I guess it’s been a while since I last written. A lot happened, a lot to blog about, a lot I want to ramble about… but the major gist is that I’m currently working on revamping this blog a little thus the lack of entries for the past week.

    My Life
    / May 5, 2016