So today, I joined the rest of the bloggers again in the blogosphere. Blogging is no stranger to me but getting an official .com domain for it is indeed a huge step I’ve finally taken. And finally, I’m launching it! Again I say, welcome to my blog! Hope you enjoy my life’s snapshots! I aim to make this very interesting as usual so I don’t get bored reading back my past entries too.

Right now where are you?

If it’s a literal question, I am in my bed, all curled up with lights off – I know it’s so bad for me. It’s 4:53AM. I woke up and just decided I wanted to blog. lol.

What are you thinking of? 

This blog which currently isn’t showing post dates. Trying to fix it all week isn’t downright fun.

Why are you doing this now?

After years, I’ve realized there is no greater way to express my infinite amount of thoughts besides blogging. Besides, I get to make it look pretty and I can display whatever I want about moi!

What do you want to get out of this?

A ginormous amount of readers sounds perfect but honestly, through this blog, I just want to get a better sense of myself, to be happier with life and to share my life-findings. Looking back, I want to see how stupid I was doing some stupid stuff but thankfully, smart enough to document all those silly things. 😉

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