Mars and Me

Have you ever liked someone or have a slight crush or perhaps, a slight fondness towards them? That feeling is funny. Sometimes you feel like you’re out of breath. You feel that adrenaline rush and at the same time the unavoidable excitement. You stopped and wondered for a while why is that.

You want more of them. A lot more. You imagine beaches, sands, mountains and other glorious adventures and you think of them. If life is a book, they’re in every chapter – almost in every page.

Their laughter sometimes rings in your head. You giggle with fondness – sometimes too much, thinking about them. You make up scenarios of you and them. All kind of beautiful scenarios. Happy scenarios.

But somehow deep inside, you know things are impossible. They say you should try and see. They say you don’t know. But, you do know.

You and them – you both are worlds apart. If you’re a planet, you’d be Jupiter and them, Mars. Or you’d be the moon and them the Earth. You walk around their lives, but never can be in their lives.

You never know how to strike up a conversation with them. Them being a Mars and you a Jupiter makes it hard for you to say hello. You never know if you could mingle with their alien mates. Neither are you sure they’ll do excellent with your fellow Jupiter dwellers.

Sometimes, you think, perhaps, you’re at fault. You should act like a Martian. You should be like one of them. However, recently, you realized. Why try so hard? They’ve never tried even to be like you.

Finally, you decided it’s time to leave. You stare with a certain sadness at that red planet you want to (badly) call home. And wonder, if they’ve ever felt this way.

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