Dear 2016, 

Please be good to me. I know everyone else probably has asked for the same thing but still, please don’t forget me. This year, I have not much goals. Just because the goals I created for 2015 haven’t really been completed. Oops. Though I’m glad for all the surprises thrown at me at 2015. For instance, in 2015, I got to see Shanghai and fulfilled my dream trip to see the Northern Lights!

2015 taught me a lot about myself. About who I want to be, my character, personality and my dreams. I’ve learnt that I should not be too harsh with myself and to love myself wholeheartedly. So 2016, please, let me stay this way and teach me to be okay with transition, changes and sadness. Please open up my eyes to this incredible world and fragile life. Teach me to slowly forgive myself and find peace in anything I don’t understand. Let me take things easy and to always focus on the present.

Dear 2016, I’d like fate to work its way. I’d like to surrender to God and accept everything that is meant for my happiness, joy and love.

Thank you for another amazing year. I hope to continue my passion in arts and words. I hope that I’d continue doing what I love and only do what I love.

With much love and surrender,



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