My 2016 Bucket List


Kid me not. It’s 2016. And I thought I should start my second week (or third week?!) of the year pondering upon my life goals and the things I wish to achieve this year in a fairly organized manner aka writing them down here.

So here’s the list of things I hope to accomplish by 2016.

  1. Sky Diving
  2. Pass my driving test
  3. Revive my passion for piano
  4. Stop buying story books and start going to the library
  5. Meet more people
  6. Stop thinking too much of what others think of me
  7. Make more friends
  8. Be OKAY alone
  9. Find where I really really want to do (plus to be)
  10. Pray more
  11. Be a better forgiver
  12. Be happy
  13. Be thankful
  14. Be kind
  15. Stop worrying so much about shit things that won’t happen
  16. Be brave

Be brave. Oh yes be brave. I’ll have to be very brave.

Oh and here is the one book I really really want to read.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert




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