If you like someone, you gotta let them go

Someone told me recently, if you like someone, you’ve got to hold them tight. Don’t lose your grip lest they disappear. But I disagree. I learn, if I like someone, I’ve got to let them go. Keep them far, give them my blessings and wish them for the best.

Indeed, the hardest thing to do is letting go and being happy for them even when your life has felt like it is the most miserable. Still, I grew to realize that it’s a must.  Letting go is a must. How do you let go? I’ve come to realize to let go I have to…


Accept my flaws, my weakness and my sadness. Accept the reality that sometimes, things just don’t work out the way you wish they would. And most of the time, things will never go your way but that doesn’t mean life is unfair. Your plan could fail. Things change…for the best.

find what I really love to do.

focus on self-improvement activities.

stop compromising.

be happy.

take things one day at a time. 

And lastly, be open about my life, my sadness, my happiness and myself as a person…

Like taking a moment to jot down my thoughts. Being okay if others discover your little weakness and vulnerability. Write as much as I wish. Share as much as I want to. I should set the limit not others.

That’s why I’m writing now. I want to master this art of letting go. And by all means, if writing helps, then I’ll blog as much as I want to.

To a lifetime of happiness and a more easygoing me (and you too, if you’re reading this.)



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