Last-minute Post

Just have the urge to write because I think I haven’t for like aeons??? Have been so busy procrastinating it’s been crazy. Also, my stupid website was down for 2 weeks so I was mildly depressed. So far it has been an awesome February. Though this will be the sixth year that I haven’t returned home for Chinese New Year. Sucks and good all the same time. Visiting your relatives can be a chore…but that being said it’s been 6 years I haven’t received red pocket from my aunts and uncles and whats not.

Caught a cold two days ago. Finally the cold hit me and I was finally infected. I thought I could be, like one of those walking dead survivors and survived the impending cold that has hit everyone but me. Well guess not. Freaking hate it because I’m getting throbbing headache and will be heading to Rockies seeing stars in my eyes (I hope not).

No, I’m not dead. Just busy and will soon be back with a proper blog entry. Till then!

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