5 Life Lessons from Friends

SPOILER ALERT! Read at your own risk

I’ve been a fan of the TV series, Friends for the longest time. I cannot have enough of Joey, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe! It’s been my go-to now every time I feel sad or whenever I need a good laugh. Friends taught me a lot about life, friendship and relationship in general. Today, I thought I should pen them down and share the 5 lessons I’ve learnt from my favourite TV show…

1. Let go, be happy.

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The relationship between Ross and Rachel was so complicated and frustrating – I can definitely vouch for that. But towards the end of the season, finally after 10 freaking years, they got back together. It took them a while to realize that they were meant for each other and that they loved each other. And before this epiphany, they had to date the wrong person and be totally comfortable to have each other as friends.

In one of the earlier seasons, Ross was about to marry Emily and Rachel became upset. She tried to stop the wedding but eventually conceded. Finally, it was Ross that ruined his own wedding with Emily. That’s the beauty of fate. Your heart eventually knows where you want to be and where you really want to go. You cannot work against fate…or your true desire. And that’s how Ross became Rachel’s lobster. Well, sometimes, you just have to do your own thing and let time work its way.

2. One day, someone will love you…plus the fat girl in you.

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The relationship between Chandler and Monica is the perfect example for this! In the show, Chandler’s love for Monica was so unconditional and so perfect that they complemented each other. Chandler accepted Monica’s OCD behaviour and never ever complained about it. On the other hand, Monica accepted Chandler’s broken relationship with his dad and his other feminine, eccentric behaviours… They taught me that a relationship should make you want to improve but at the same time, it should not demean you and devalue your worth.

3. Think simple, think like Joey

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Joey is pictured as the dumbest of all 5 but I beg to differ. Joey’s childlike characters perfectly depict how we should sometimes treat our life. Life is simple. If your recliner is broken, get a new one. If your girlfriend broke your heart, find another one who won’t. You get mad only when someone eats your sandwich. Remember, your modus operandi is to rescue your sandwich!

4. Best friends are for life.

Because they are the only ones that will be there for you, for your ups-and-downs and for the many things you can never talk to your parents about.

5. Don’t ever stay mad for too long.

Life is so fun to waste your time feeling angry and mad. Be playful, be creative, be sarcastic, and be happy. Like Phoebe said,

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