My Article is on Thought Catalog!

So two days ago, I received an email from Thought Catalog about the article I’ve written that has since been published. It was the article I sent in few weeks ago (or months?) about how I do not give a fuck about this whole dating / relationship game anymore.

The feeling was a mix of disbelief and joy. I think I was so happy that I literally broke down in tears. Yes, it was that dramatic. There are many reasons why this made me cry:

  1. I’ve been writing in my diary since I was 9 and on that day, I realized how words have been my best friend all along. How words and I, we have been together for way too long and we kinda made it. We kinda work our way out to Thought Catalog – a website I would read, relate with and then read again.
  2. Fuck. I can write.
  3. I didn’t do this alone. My storybooks and experience have made it possible. It’s like they are my imaginary friends. I really don’t know what I’d do without them.
  4. This is real. And fuck, now 500,000 people are going to read how much I don’t give a fuck about him. I wonder if he will read it and wonder if that’s him I’m talking about? I really have no idea but now I am tremendously curious.
  5. Shit got real. Now I guess I have to write more.
  6. I’ve been so real with my writing that being on Thought Catalog has made feel like they understood. They understood me.

Now what?

Nothing much. Just a realization that maybe, I could be a relationship guru?

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