Taiwan Trip 2013

Fyi: This entry was written last year August 16, 2015 for my previous blog. 

Thought I’d share my trip to Taiwan two years ago today. It was a fun 7 day trip with Cheryl and her parents and I have meant to blog about it for a lonnng time.

Here’s what, as I recalled, happened…

Not in any chronological order.

Warning: This is a very long, photo heavy post. Read at your own risk!

1. I couldn’t do much shopping

Though I had two luggages with me, I had to bring brother’s stuff back and they took up one luggage. The other luggage was also packed with my toiletries and what not. Thinking back, it wasn’t a bad thing. The things I might buy will probably be useless now.


2. I encountered many dogs

Could it be a cultural thing in Taiwan? Almost every shop owner I met had a dog!

3. The Cardboard Cafe

Everything in the cafe is made with cardboard. We even drank out of a carton and sat on a cardboard chair.

Yes, even their plates are made with cardboard! Btw, the rice that came together with the set meal was really delicious. 

The cardboard art sculptures were definitely enticing for an art enthusiast like me.

It is remarkable how humble materials like cardboard could be turned into a piece of art…and even better, a cafe!

4. Barbie Cafe

How can I forget this place. It isn’t only because everything was so pink. The waitress dropped my camera and was unapologetic! > 🙁

Anyway, the cafe was very empty. There were only three parties at most, including us.

I also found the food really tasty compared to the Hello Kitty Cafe, which is a few blocks away.

5. Hello Kitty Cafe

I used to be a fan of Hello Kitty. Buying me a birthday gift was so easy. Anything HK or Sanrio would delight me. I think it is because I loved pink. HK items are mostly in pink. So I guess that was how my fetish for HK developed?

I stopped liking Hello Kitty five years ago but still wanted to visit the cafe as it was definitely a tourist attraction in Taipei. I also wanted to have another HK Fan girl moment. Ha-ha.

6. Cing Jing Farm – Stargazing

On our second day, we went to Cing Jing, a farm in Renai, Nantou. We bought a stargazing tour that toured us around the area in the wee hours and promised a breathtaking view of a sky filled with stars -if the weather was permissible. Unfortunately, it started raining so we didn’t get to have our stargazing experience. I wasn’t disappointed though. I kind of expected it as it was already drizzling before we got on the bus.

Two things happened during our trip up the mountain.

First: 7-Eleven 

Midway, our bus made a stop at a 7-Eleven store. Then, in an exciting voice, our tour guide beckoned everyone to view and take a picture of the highest 7-Eleven store in the world. Everyone on the bus, except us rushed out with their camera.

I still find it amusing now, how a convenient store was our must-see attraction.

After, I tried googling “the highest 7-Eleven store in the world” but couldn’t find any information on it. I guess it could be a hoax or just not commercialized?

The foggy weather

Second: Being interviewed

Our last stop was the peak of the mountain and we were presented a hazy view of the farm. We were busy taking pictures of the fog when a reporter, who was on the bus with us, approached us and persuaded us to respond to his questions.

说一下吧!Say something please!


你没看到星星会很失望吗?Do you feel disappointed you didn’t get to see stars?

还好 It’s OK

一点都不失望?Not a tiny bit disappointed?

还好 It’s OK.

I don’t think that conversation was ever aired.

7. Cing Jing Goat Farm

We visited the goat farm which is surrounded by a scenic mountainous view. We also attended a farm show.

They had a white man host the farm show. I think he did expand our attention span. I was very entertained and bewildered how he actually speaks better Mandarin than I do.

Attending the farm show

Horse riding!

We took several jump shots and were probably a funny sight to the crowd of onlookers.

8. Taiwan Night Markets

The night market scene was such an excitement to me. I was attracted to the plethora of night snacks they had and all the cutesy items. They were reasonably priced too, although applying some bargaining skills before any purchase never hurts.

8. Chia Te

Definitely a souvenir spot for tourist!

9. National Palace Museum

Another must see place for museum lovers like moi. Filled with a magnificent collection of Chinese historical and cultural relics, it felt like I was time travelling to the past.

9. Lavender Garden

I think that was when I realized my body has a slight aversion to Lavender.

10. Taiwanese Snacks

I love trying all kinds of interesting snacks so entering 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan felt like a paradise!!!

Who can resist adorable looking biscuits? Definitely not me.

11. Karaoke

We definitely sang our heart out at Taiwan. Their Karaoke rooms were reasonably priced plus they even provided throat lozenges to keep us going for hours! We had our very own personal toilet too!

We booked the room for the whole night till the next morning, but I gave up singing after 3 hours. It was a challenge to stay awake and sing after several days of being sleep deprived.

12. Sky Lanterns at Shifen 

So I followed the standard tourist ritual at Shifen and polluted the sky with my sky lantern, which was filled with a list of wishes aka demands.

Well, I guess this sums up my trip to Taiwan two years ago.

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