My 7 Travel Tips for New York City

So I visited the Big Apple last Thursday. It was a quick short trip but nonetheless amazing. I did not do much planning. I hate making travel plans unless I have a place or two in mind that I really want to visit so bad – like Niagara Falls – otherwise, I’m the girl that goes to wherever brings her. So this trip was equally unplanned, rushed and well… kept chill.

So here’s New York in my eyes and my personal tips for you if you’re thinking of getting lost in New York City:

#1 The essentials: WEAR SNEAKERS, if it’s in the summer, bring your sunnies and MOST IMPORTANTLY, always have an umbrella!

NY wasn’t scorching hot but the sun can get very distracting. Also, unless you really want to drive in a city filled with pedestrians who cross when they think the road is clear not when the light permits, you really need a good pair of sneakers that you can walk in for several hours.

The weather gets strange too so always have an umbrella and sunnies with you.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 10.16.14 AM

#2 Shopaholics, bring a foldable tote

I was so enthralled by Muji and Uniqlo that I came out lugging three huge shopping bags. It would have been so convenient if I had a foldable grocery bag to chuck all my clothes in one bag.

#3 Get a Data Plan!

If you’re in Vancouver, go get your USA Sim Card from London Drugs. They only sell Roam Mobility. You register and choose your plan online. I suggest getting just the data plan as really, you actually just need an internet to get by NYC. Also, if you need to call, Facebook voice messenger or Viber is good enough.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 10.14.25 AM

#4 Trip Advisor really brings you legit delicious food to try in NYC.


5 different kinds of Gelato flavours topped with a Pistachio Macaron from Amorino.


Bibble and Sip Bakery Cafe has the best Matcha Cream Puff I’ve ever had. Also, pair the puff with their Mint Cold Brewed Ice Coffee for a refreshing and addictive taste.

DSC03909 copy

 Cronuts from Ansel Dominique Bakery makes you think twice about doughnuts.


My love for ramen takes me to Ippudo.


And my brother introduced Wok Wok to satisfy my South East Asian food cravings.

Another tip if you are at Wok Wok, check in on Yelp to get a small Thai Iced Tea for free! I just can’t have enough of Asian delicacies. Damn. 


Go, be like all the tourists and queue for Magnolia Bakery’s best Banana Pudding.


Or take the subway all the way to Bedford for Sweet Chick’s Chicken Waffles.

DSC03902 copy

Wait for an hour for Burger and Lobster’s famous lobsters – just make sure you ate enough to stay cool and calm even when you’re so hungry you can swallow a horse.

DSC03880 copy

#5 Broadway show is a must but you don’t have to watch the Lion King to experience the magic of NYC Broadway Shows. 

The Neverland is so beautiful and costs only $37 USD. Try purchasing your tix from TodayTix – an app I learnt from Alvin’s friends.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 10.39.33 AM

No photography is allowed so this image is googled.

#6 Visit Places… GO GET LOST!

Walk along the cobblestone streets of SoHo, Manhattan… Take pictures of everything… Marvel at every buildings you walk past in the city… basically, get lost!

Must-visit places include: The Rockefeller Center, 9-11 Museum, MoMA, The Apartment at Greenwich Village, where Friends (the TV Show) resided, Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, Central Park, Coney Island, The Frick Collection, Upper Manhattan.

If you plan your trip well, you can cover these places in 5 days. If you’re like me, planning places just the day before, you might need 10 days or a second trip to the Big Apple.

DSC03917copy DSC03812 copy

Walking on the boardwalk of Coney Island

DSC03802 copy

Spotted New York’s famous “LOVE” sculpture on 55th Street. 

DSC03769 copy

The Frick Collection for a good amount of gorgeous photos.


The Rockefeller Centre just because I wanted to see Van Gogh’s Ear, that’s also an upturned swimming pool. 


And then unknowingly, walked past St Patrick’s Cathedral. 



The NBC Shop if you watch Jimmy Fallon…


Little Italy near Canal Street.

DSC04012 copy

9-11 Museum


Friends Building. It makes the show even more unrealistic since Greenwich Village is an expensive area. And there is no Central Perk close by 🙁 

DSC03974 copy

Times Square

#7 Last tip…. Don’t try to visit every places in NYC

ENJOY the busy streets of New York. Yes it’s daunting at first but once you familiarize yourself with their streets, New York is amazing. I always tell myself it’s OK to travel like a tourist. It’s also OK to randomly visit an unknown cafe or pub without looking at their reviews or rating. Enjoy local New Yorkers approaching you and having small talks with you… And it’s even more OKAY that you don’t get to go to every places or try every delicacies. Overtime, I realized, my best adventures have been the ones that are unplanned and just happen. And one thing I really learnt from this trip is…

Really, it is okay.

Just go be yourself, stay safe and thoroughly enjoy New York one place at a time. New York is filled with beautiful, concrete skyscrapers, populous and is beautiful. Very very beautiful.


I’ll obviously be back again. See ya New York!

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