Why I joined the Pokemon Go Craze

I am writing this post to convince myself that

1. I’m normal
2. There is no anomaly for being a poke hunter
3. Or coming to a halt all of a sudden for a Pokémon
4. And nope, even if that’s the first app I open now in wee hours just because I want to catch them all before you do.
5. I’m still, normal and very much, sane.

Okay, to many people, this is a form of addiction. So here’s why in my defense, then, my addiction is completely acceptable.

I grew up with Pokémon

Despite eventually having all the Pokemon cards thrown because my mom thought they were “evil”, I still grew up with these little cute virtual creatures. Brothers and I managed to get the Gameboy version installed on our computer and eventually, phone. I am not sure when I started or stopped playing.


(Image from google.ca)

It is a game I love because I get to collect Jigglypuffs and Clefairies. THEY ARE SO ADORBS. When I was young, I also refused to let my Pikachu, Squirtle or Jiggly Puffs evolve because I thought they look really horrendous after.

Before evolution: Little Cutey, Bouncy Jigglypuff


(Image from google.ca)

 After evolution: Wigglypuff


(Image from google.ca)

Wtf right?

See below how innocent-like Squirtle turns into an ugly monster:


(Image from google.ca)

I was so repulsed by how certain Pokemons turned out after evolution that at times, I let my brothers take over my character and train my pokemons. I was indeed a shallow Pokehunter and I think I still am.

My brothers and I were also amused with the fact that you could catch a gargantuan alien-like, cute or sometimes, annoying creature with a palm sized round ball. We were so amused that we bought physical pokeballs and tried capturing each other with it. Needless to say, it didn’t work but it was lots of fun imagining it would.


(Image from google.ca)

They are too cute

OhPlZDon’tTellMeNo. BecauseHowCouldYou.



(Image from my iPhone duh)

Playing it with your friends is fun.

Like super fun because I get to see my friends cursing and feeling mad when the Pokémon they wanted disappear into thin air.

Or when we walked three blocks for a Pokestop.

Or getting people who hate walking to love their walks with me. You know who you are 😉

You get to brag about that Pokemon you have which they don’t and vice versa.

Or the pokemons you hate and always always always have to encounter. Wtf why. I super hate bats and drowzees because they look really annoying.


(Image from google.ca)

I escaped bird poop with this game.

Few days ago, while making my way home, a bird almost POOPED on me. Thank goodness for Pokémon. One second less and it would have been a very bad day.

So addicted that I even forgot to snapchat it. But you get the gist…

It gives me a reason to not socialize, talk or create a conversation.

And it’s OKAY and not awkward at all because you are just trying to catch a Pokémon.


(Image from google.ca)

Now, brb while I catch them all.

(Image from google.ca)

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