Infused Water Bottle – My Drop Bottle Review

A few months ago, I was gifted a Fruit Infuser Water Bottle. The bottle came from Drop Bottle, an Australian Company whose bottles have been extremely popular on Instagram. They have 103k + followers (oops almost thought it was a million!) on Instagram and constantly appear on my newsfeed, making it really hard for me not to feel tempted.

And so I was really excited when Mel gave it to me!


They come in 4 different colours. The Matte Black Style is the best in my opinion – though I’ve initially wanted the Rose Gold – just because it looks classier, way easier to maintain (less scratches) and not reflective. The reflection both the Rose Gold and the Metallic style emit is too distractive for me.

How Does It Work:

There is no fruit presser in the bottle. All you have to do add half a lemon or any of your favourite fruits sliced to the bottle and fill it up with water. The steel filter, a metal top with holes and handle in the bottle is the key to getting infused fruit water.

The Good:

  • The bottle is so pretty I like bringing it everywhere! It also looks good in pictures which makes it a plus and very much Instagram worthy…

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  • It makes drinking water more exciting.
  • Easy to clean unlike my other water bottles where there are usually gaps in the lid, making it harder to clean.
  • It is made of glass

The Bad:

  • Crazy International Shipping Fees

In case you are wondering,

Does it leak?

It doesn’t leak but I always make sure the lid is properly tightened and tilt it a little to ensure no water is leaking. I also never have it filled to the brim.

Is it heavy?

Not at all.

How much water can it hold?

According to its website, the bottle holds 500ml of water. As a fast drinker, I empty it pretty quickly.

Will other infused water bottle do?

Yes if they look as pretty as Dropbottle’s. So far, besides this, I haven’t found any bottle that’s classy, simple yet elegant and chic. Or if you don’t really care how they look.

Will I buy it again?

Yes in a heartbeat! Sign up for their mailing list. They usually offer a discount from time to time.

Nope this post is not sponsored. I am just a fan of pretty things.

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