My Top 10 Favourite Eats in Vancouver

Being a foodie who is always on the hunt for good food, I thought I’d share my top 10 favourite eats in Vancouver! This is also for a good friend of mine who is visiting real soon… 😉

1. Sushi California

First on my list because they are truly inexpensive, quick and delicious. They serve Korean style sushi rolls starting from $3.50.

sushi-cali-1Spicy Salmon Sashimi 1/2 order


sushi-cali-3Tobiko with Quail Egg

My favourites: Spicy Salmon Sashimi, Spicy Agedashi Tofu, Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Roll II, Double Spicy Tuna Roll, Mango Roll , Tobiko with Quail Egg and Salmon Mountain Roll.


If you are ordering Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Roll II, remember to emphasize Roll II. Some waitresses have gotten my order wrong and instead thought I wanted 2 portion of Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese. 1/2 order of Spicy Salmon Sashimi feeds two and each roll has about 8 pieces of sushi. Ordering 3 items  ($10+/person) are usually enough unless you’re so damn hungry you have to devour everything that’s on the menu.
2. Phnom Penh

I guess this is by far everyone’s favourite vietnamese restaurant in Vancouver, considering how crowded it is everyday damn day.


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My favourites: Butter Beef and Deep Fried Chicken Wings.


Frequent the place after lunch hour or before dinner time to avoid crowds.
3. Jam Café

The 30 minute wait is worth it imo. The place is open from 8AM to 3PM. The line sometimes snakes around its neighbouring stores on weekends but I am not complaining.





My favourites: Little Charlie Bowl (Above) and Chicken Waffle.


Come on weekdays to avoid crowds. Try Chambar if you are too hungry to wait.

Also, their The Three Pigs meal is like corn dogs but deep fried with pancake batter – I didn’t really fancy those. Oh and Little Charlie Bowl is huge and feeds 2.
4. Salmon and Bannock

A  First Nations Restaurant that serves delicious side salads and First Nations Cuisine. Definitely a good exposure of Canada’s First People and its tradition.


Their Meat Platter

Tips:  As always, order their Salmon or all-time popular Bison Ribs.
5. Kishimoto

One time I was so addicted to their Aburi Sushi that I frequented this place way too many times…


Tips: Always, always get their Aburi Sushi.

6. Miku Sushi

Though really, if you have to pick between Miku Sushi and Kishimoto, please do yourself a huge favour and dine in at Miku instead. Miku has the most gorgeous waterview scenery ever plus with a tiny price difference, you get to enjoy a classier dinner.

miku-3American Wagyu Nigiri

miku-2Saikyo Miso Baked Sablefish – so foamy so yummy

miku-1Me think this is their Nutrigreens Farm Tofu Salad

miku3 Different Type of Aburi Sushi

Tips: Make your reservation days before as they get fully booked quickly. Their complimentary mint chocolate bar is also a plus. :p
7. Bao Down

Kk I guess I’d bow down to bao down, ok.

bao-down-2Chika Bao Bao

bao-down-3Kimchi Fries


Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Tips: Check in on yelp to get a free Beignet – deep fried bread with shaved coconut topping – my all-time favourite!

Disclaimer: Their free Beignet offer might be over so do double check. 
8. Sushi Itoga

Ok. I am a sushi addict but Vancouver’s Sushi is so good, you really can’t help it. Plus back in Singapore, I remember paying $25 + for a few pieces of farmed salmon sashimi so this sushi in Vancouver is definitely irresistible!



Tips: Come after lunch hour to avoid crowds or at 6PM. Their Chirashi Don is so worth the $25 and for another return trip.
9. Fritz

Nothing beats a good poutine. Vrai?

10. Tuc Craft Kitchen

Don’t miss out on their weekend brunch! Their weekend specialty – chicken waffle is to die for. Piping hot fried chicken with sweet waffle and homemade sauce (I am guessing), you can only get this on weekends before 2:45PM.


Tips: Put your name and cell number down. They will text you when it’s your turn. Meanwhile, while waiting, walk around the historic Gastown and marvel at its antique steam clock. Their Crispy Egg is also a personal favourite of mine. 


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