5 Things I miss most about Singapore

Feeling homesick recently and foremostly, missing hawker food… so here are the 5 things I miss most about the little red dot…

1. Fried Carrot cake

Needless to say, carrot cake is my¬†favourite hawker food. The blacker, the better – I could hear myself say as I watch the hawker auntie or uncle fry my carrot cake…


Image from yoursingapore.com

2. Singlish

Words that I especially miss uttering or hear:


“Are you eating your lunch?”



Siao ah


Seriously, how do you explain “shiok”? Shiok is such a precise adjective to describe my feelings of satisfaction in a split second.

Shit already lo

When you are in a dire situation and saying fml isn’t enough to explain your shitty feelings. Shit already lo.


I don’t exactly miss those Kiasus in Singapore who rush to the train station like the world is coming to an end… (although with my I-hate-to-lose attitude now, I guess you can also consider me as one of those kiasus..) but I miss laughing to my friends about being naturally kiasu… It’s like when no one really understands what it means when you say, “why you so Kiasu” here.

3. Popular Bookstore


Image from valueinvestasia.com

I remember fondly how I’d spend hours in that bookstore, contemplating on which colour pens I should get, looking at the number of story books I could purchase with my limited amount of allowance or all the assignment books I had to get for O Level, PSLE…and the other list of craps I had to get for school. Oh those days… little did I know that those days are the best days.

4. Popiah

I cannot believe I have survived 1.5 years without a plate of popiah.


Image from biginsingapore.com

5. East Coast Park



A stretch of seafront park where I’d bike, take a walk alone and just relax. The beautiful park reminds me of my childhood days, the people I’d encounter, and the scrumptious food I’d indulge . The park is also where I first learnt to bike and where my friends and I would have a barbecue…Being at the park makes me feel like not a single thing has changed. It is as though time has come to a halt.


Counting down to my next vacation……

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