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Life is short

Last Saturday morning turned out to be a meaningful one. I volunteered for a cancer forum, hoping I could somehow be a comfort to someone but in the end, found myself learning and being reminded of life.

A few takeaways:

Disclaimer: words are edited.  

Doing your best is not an option

“I asked my doctor how long more do I have left. He said just do your best. I realized more than anything, I was more worried about my husband. I was weak, yes but I can handle it. One night, as I lay awake in my bed, in pain, I saw my husband watch me intently. I told myself I need to get better or at least look better. Seeing him sad and in pain really broke my heart. I tell you, more than anything, the family suffers more.”

It’s the little things that count

“Funny how things are. After my recovery and watching others recover, I realized it is the little things that make up the big thing. We tend to focus so much on the big thing and then finally, it hit me that they are the little things that make us happy. Having just someone next to you during your treatment… they don’t have to say a thing yet their presence is so comforting.”

Staying positive is crucial

“I ask myself what makes me happy? Now that it (cancer) hit me, what else can I do? I have to stay positive. Positivity keeps me going. My doctor was terribly right. Dr. Google did not help at all. Less is indeed more.”

It’s your life. Be happy. Do things that make you happy.

“I told my doctor after my chemo sessions that I really needed to get away to Cancun. It’s been a horrible, horrible time for my husband and I. The doctor said it might not be a good time. The radiation the sun emits will not help my healing process. I told him I would cover up, wrap myself with towels. He strongly disagreed. But I went anyway. It was the best trip my husband and I ever had. Look, I am not encouraging you to go for a trip. But you know how your body feels. Deep down you know and that’s all that matters.”

I was also reminded of a song that I used to hear my mom play on the piano when I was a kid.

If the hands of time were hands that I could hold
I’d keep them warm and in my hands
they’d not turn cold….

All the happy days
Would never learn to fly,
Until the hands of time
Would choose to wave Goodbye.

If only we can turn back the hands of time. Yet, we can’t and all we can are to treasure the time we have, live in the presence, love the presence and fill ourselves with an abundance of gratitude.



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