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Reflecting on 2016…

The highlights of my life this year. Events are not in any order. I am writing them down as how I remember them.

Quit my Job

Found a job I LOVE! (though from time to time, I still complain…) 

And feel like I am morphing into those workaholics I saw in movies. Omg. I need to chill but I can’t?!!?!

Accepted a bunch of freelance projects

And one of them is an exciting project for a yogi like me! I can’t wait! I designed their logo, created their brochure and planned out their marketing strategies! It was so exciting! Stay tuned as date and website aren’t live yet.

Downloaded Tinder

Deleted Tinder

Sorry Tinder but no thanks 🙁 And yes, curiosity got the best of me.

Drove to the Tulip Festival…

And like usual, took a lot of photos…

Oh yes, I passed my driving test!

Got drunk in Banff, threw up and passed out

In my defense, I was too exhausted and did not have enough sleep.

My song of the year: Mariage D’amour by Richard Clayderman

Found out how the world is filled with jerks

Don’t even want to talk about it.

Started Pole Dancing

Walked the Brooklyn Bridge alone!!

Walked the bridge with a cup of yogurt I bought from the food truck that’s kinda pricey I felt slightly cheated.

Drove in Seattle

Yes, I can’t believe myself too.

Attended a painting Class

I have no idea what I was trying to paint and after two glasses of wine, I think my painting became artistically nonsense. lol.

Attended a Mochi Making Class and tried making mochi – failed miserably the first try

I wanted to be upset but I can’t because it was funnier to discover my capability of creating a piece of ugly shit… haha

They say third time’s a charm so the subsequent mochis were pretty good albeit tasted bland. Adding the photo of my perfectly rolled mochis to this post just because I look good in the picture too…#vain #whatsnew

Became a coffee addict

At one point of my life this year, I was addicted to Game of Thrones
and watched all 5 seasons in a week, sleeping at 4AM for two weekends straight…

Bought a massive amount of Chocolate Bars

The chocolate bar below is one of my favourites!


Started drawing again…

And feel extremely liberated. I realized art is really sooo therapeutic.

Cursing more and more in a lighthearted kind of way (excuses)

Watched a lot of people I know, acquaintances/ friends getting married

Am I really getting old? I still feel 18. Kthxbye.

Went to the Vancouver Art Gallery and marvelled at Picasso’s many girlfriends/ ex-wives 

Who do you really really love, Picasso? 

I had my very first article published on Thought Catalog!

Read it here.

Waited for a baseball game that never happened. 

Watched raptors/ BIYOMBO play in Vancouver! Pre-season game but still the excitement was really real. 

I was gifted a Fitbit by my company but never used it – Next year’s resolution it is…

Tried to take a selfie with all of my bears

Did the night run (walk)

Drove my childhood friend and her mum (safely) around Vancouver!

Finally realized that killing someone isn’t a piece of cake. 


Looking forward to writing and achieving my 2017 new year’s resolutions because I definitely failed so this year.


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