Lazy Days

Recently, I’ve been judging my writing way too much thus the lack of post. I’d write a couple of paragraphs, re-read them, cringe a little, decide that I should not write, and I’d go back to reading and being a couch potato. So here’s an entry, after procrastinating for approximately 8 hours. Tyvm.

Boxing Day

This Christmas, I made no travel plans and finally experienced Boxing Day at the mall. I hate crowds but I am actually in town for the first time and thought it’d be a good time to get some winter necessities.

Unfortunately, I really suck at physically hunting for excellent bargains. During the whole time, I was either trying to get away from humans who invaded my space by an inch or two or rummaging through collections of goods that were not even on sale. The post-Christmas shopping spirit was real. Even goods that were not on sale somehow looked majestically appealing, rare and instantly became a must-have. Thank God for brains, common sense and a best friend who reminded me that the sole reason why I was at the mall was to attempt bargain hunting.

After half an hour of scouring at Aritzia, I ended up with a Diamond Mosaic Blanket and an Euston Peak Hat.


Then I went home and online shopped some more because I couldn’t find anything I fancy during my hunt. Funny how Boxing Day actually felt like a Cyber Monday…! Haha.

Post-Boxing Day

Spent most of today catching up on my sleep, reading and eating a lot of chocolate bars.


It could be the weather or it could just be me…. but I’m feeling super, super lazy.


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