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30-Day Gratitude Challenge!

I have been complaining so much so it’s time to reflect on my negative behavior and start being #thankful (I know hashtags don’t work with WordPress but whatever) and BE HAPPY.

Side track a bit… As I am writing this, the fire alarm in my apartment is ringing super loudly and it’s so deafening!

(How I feel right now -_-)

Ok. Back to the 30-day gratitude challenge! I omit “photo” because that would be a challenge for Instagram not here…

Grabbed this image from Google.

So tonight is DAY 1 and my first gratitude challenge is colour.


I am thankful for the colour Black.

I know black is such a dark and dull colour. It is also more often recommended for a funeral than parties. A bright colour would have been more appropriate for this challenge but I don’t care. Black, you are such a wonderful colour and I AM super thankful for you. 

Black, you have the capability to make me look skinnier and you accentuate my body shape…. WITHOUT FAIL. Each time I am in doubt and uncertain of what outfit to wear to work, BLACK you save the day. Whenever I feel bloated and lazy but have to meet fellow human beings, Black, you normalize me.

Also Black, you go with everything and it is always safe to choose you…except maybe for blush on or lipstick colour. Black will be weird. Otherwise, you are amazing. For instance, black flats work excellent with jeans/skirt/pants and funky colour clothes like purple/orange/pink etc.

Black, you are also the colour of my hair and my eyebrows and for that I am grateful. I know it sounds so cheesy but I don’t think there are any other colours that can beat you.

Thank you, Black for being a universal colour.

Hehe so true.

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