Day 3 Gratitude Challenge: Tradition

The tradition I am immensely grateful for is Chinese New Year because that’s when my family gathers, I meet a lot of my cousins, catch up with everyone and best of all, get lots of red packets. I remember when brothers and I were younger, we’d compare the amount of $$ we get. One time, I think Alvin (my youngest bro) missed a red pocket because he was in the washroom. He was so dampened and for a few days, we continued to rub it in just because ya, we are pretty annoying siblings.

When I was really young, I also remember how I couldn’t care less about the amount inside the red packet. I was more interested at how the money was being packaged.

Besides the red packets, the tradition also makes us have dinner together as a family. With everyone working, living overseas etc, it’s been really tough to get everyone together.

Although it’s been YEARS I last celebrate CNY with all my family, I am still grateful and thankful because seeing my brothers and mom and dad all dressed up just make me very happy.


How I spent my CNY this year. Grateful to have a family so faraway from home. 

Happy belated CNY everyone!
Day 3 Gratitude Challenge – Done.


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