Why I’m still blogging

I don’t know what went through my head last night but I started thinking about this space…

I started thinking why I am still writing, what I want to achieve from ThinkSpaceRides and what the hell is ThinkSpaceRides? I also became afraid that I’d one day turn into a narcissist since I am blogging so much now about my life here and there. I do not want to be a narcissist. So I took my 3 year old journal and started writing the reasons why I am writing on this blog.

Here they are:

I love to write.

As someone who cringes at the thought of public speaking and somehow finds solace in typing and playing with words, writing has been a major comfort for me esp during my saddest moment. I can’t stop writing. I won’t stop writing. I don’t know how to stop writing.

I like to share my opinions on life, politics, recent news and anything under the sun. 

I can’t find a better way to share my interest than being on this blog. I’ve learnt that not everyone enjoys talking about left-right wings, politics, real estate, crazy murderers, recent books I’ve read, romance… So blogging becomes a tool for me to pour out (more like vomit) all these interests.

I don’t want to regret closing this blog again.

Aeons ago, my blog at one point hit 1k views and I was finally earning from Lol, not sure how that happened. During that time, I bumped into a woman who told me she read my blog and loved my writing. I stood frozen because I felt kinda. exposed.

A few days later, I closed my blog and went private.

Until today, I wonder what happened if I actually didn’t and continued writing.

Blogging makes me happy

It’s like I don’t have to think so much when I blog. (I have to use my brain a lot when I work and blogging… not so much)

I  want to inspire people through my blog

I want people to tell me that my blog has made them feel better about themselves. Or at least my writing has made an impact on their lives.

I am sharing all these reasons today because I don’t want to forget the existence of ThinkSpaceRides. I don’t want to forget the reason why I am still blogging even when they say the blogging era is dead. Also, just in case my impulsive self started stirring up and I suddenly decide I should close this blog down, I want to re-read this entry and remember why this blog deserves a place in the online world.

Also also, I don’t really reread my diary (YES I still have a diary that I will burn with me when I die).

*Breathe Deeply*

I don’t think I can stop blogging. Blogging makes me happy.


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