My Highlights on Singapore’s First Artbox

It might be a bit too late now since the Artbox frenzy is sort of over but I visited the flea market twice two weekends ago so I thought I better write an in-depth post about my experience. Haha.

What is Artbox?

Artbox is a pop up creative flea market famous for having its stores in giant shipping containers. The market had its fame in Thailand and finally, two weeks ago, made its debut in Singapore.

In my opinion, the hipster flea market is somewhat similar to – but in a much larger scale of -Chelsea’s Flea Market in New York.

On Saturday – I think since it was the last weekend and most stores might already be gone by Sunday since it’s the last day – the market was especially jam-packed especially the food area.

The crowd on Saturday
The crowd on Sunday

I munched and queued for street foods on the Sunday I was there because it was just too ridiculous and hot on Saturday.  On Saturday, the only edible thing bought was Coco Loco’s pink coconut water to quench my thirst. 

What we ate / drink:

Coco Loco (3/5):

Pink Coconut Water

Price: 2 for $6.

Apparently coconut water with antioxidants like polyphenols can naturally turn pink so this isn’t some sort of gimmick food colouring. I actually liked it a lot though it was a tad too sweet.

Coconut Ice Cream

Price: $5(?) I don’t remember…

The  coconut ice cream tasted a bit bland. I tried scraping the layer of coconut meat inside but it was so freakin difficult. Turned out I did not even have to do that…(Damn Aud right haha). All I had to do was finish the ice cream and the meat would naturally come off the shell.

The Beast (3/5)

Pulled Pork Fries

Price: $10.

It was okay. Fries were nicely fried. So crispy and chewy but seriously, ten bucks for this? :/

Grilled Meat by Skewer – I think that’s the name? (2/5)

Price: $4 for each skewer

No picture of the two skewers because they were a measly amount! It was rather expensive in my opinion and I rather savour the skewers from Old Chang Kee.


Tipsy Bull (3/5):

US Prime Beef Steak with Classic Onsen Egg

Price: $12

The place was close to the entrance point so we squeezed our way out to take this picture Hehe. Nice right.

I rate it 3/5 because it’s kinda pricey and the meat wasn’t really to my liking. It’s tender, chewy but kinda overcooked and I am a medium rare kind of meat eater.

Chippy Singapore (2.5/5)

Haha. I thought it was really funny how unreal the photoshopped image of their spicy sausage and mashed potatoes meal and like usual, I said it out loud. Ooops.

“Omg. Look at that photoshop skills!”

“Can’t you say it even louder?” said L. Lol.

Sausage on mashed potatoes

Price: $6 (I typed too fast and ended typing pototoaes LOL).

Frankly, I don’t think this is worth it at all. I can easily make three or four of the same meal with the $6.

Chatuchak 4/5

Original Egglet with Coconut Ice Cream

Price: $6/$7 ( Can’t remember).

This tasted so good. LIKE SO GOOD I am drooling right now as I type. I am pretty picky when it comes to egglet or what we call egg waffles in Vancouver. The best one I had was at the night market in Central, Hong Kong Downtown. I remember how delicious it was. I could taste so perfectly the sweetness of the egg yolk combined with its rich in flavour battered mix. Chatuchak reminded me of that but better because I get to enjoy it with ice cream.

On a side note, the worse one I had was at Richmond Night Market Vancouver. The egglet tasted like plastic.

Yhing Thai – 4/5

Crispy Chicken Skin

Price: $4

Not sure how their other food were but the crispy skin was hot, crispy, crunchy and well-fried to its goodness. For $4, it was definitely more than worth it.

Art Box in Summary…

Will you come back again? 

Might not because it was too crowded and I dislike crowds.

Is the food worth spending on? 

Yes and no. I’d say no for 70% of the store.

What about those clothes and other adorable accessories? Are they worth the buy?

The clothes stores were mostly selling their clothes for approximately $15 – $30 which I initially thought was quite reasonable until C told me that I can actually get a similar top for $4 in Bangkok (never been to Bangkok so had no idea haha) so I guess they are not worth it unless you are looking to spend on one-of-a-kind accessories or clothes that are especially designed by the locals.



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