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I’ve been buried with codes…

There are many things I wanted to blog about. I wrote all these blog posts but they are incomplete so I am not going to publish them just yet.

There are many things I want to do but my goal right now is to do one thing at a time.

So I venture into coding again. I’ve always loved it like crazy but never thought of myself in the tech industry and never thought it’d be a useful venture. I gave it up, came back to it in university, gave it up again and came back to it.

This happened one day when I woke up and realized if there is just one thing I could do before I die. Just one thing – it wasn’t reading bronte’s novel (surprisingly) or writing (though it is still one of my interests). That one thing, I realized is coding. I’d like to be flooded with “<?php…>” and feel stupid because I am probably the least logical person in the universe.

I’d like to create things with codes.

Suddenly, waking up is exciting. Life becomes less mundane and I finally realized what I could go on obsessing for a long time.

It does get mundane sometimes. I’d look at a simple code for a day and still have no idea wtf it is supposed to do. A lot of times, I really feel dumb but there is a crazy urge to keep going.

This is why I haven’t been blogging much. I am stuck in the world of Javascript now and my aim is to complete my projects before I go on to another. I will blog about my coding adventure here too but for now, completing my project it is…!

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