180 Dreams

Project 1: My Portfolio

Took me long enough to hand code my website because I am so demanding and want everything looking nice, pretty and yet at the same time they have to function perfectly so I was struggling…badly.

I had about 2-3 sleepless nights relearning Javascript as an object oriented program. JS is less daunting now but still very intimidating at times. The thing is, with CSS and HTML you don’t create functions. You type a code and it appears as it is. With JS, there are so many things I need to read up and think. I think the most difficult part is the thinking. Haha. 

Two functions that now work on the website that almost made me throw up:

1. The Typing Effect

Matt Bold created this really cool typing effect (click here to see) whereby I could rewrite a sentence multiple of times. However, I wanted something simple. Like having a typing effect on my website without the backspace effect. It took me like 1 whole day plus sleep hours to finally get it to work. Honestly, I still have no idea what happened. The whole typing effect just miraculously works now. Phew.

2. My Portfolio Grid

I spent hours and days GOOGLING the right portfolio grid I could install to the site. Initially, I really wanted to settle with a simple grid using the “<div> and the “style { float: left / or right” effect. However, creating a page for each portfolio is cumbersome. I was also thinking about the users who would be browsing my site. Will they seriously read the detailed write up of each of my portfolio page? Each time I asked this question,  I could hear the inner muttering a loud no. I think simplicity is the key. People will barely spend 5 minutes reading the things I did. Even if they wanted to learn more, I could just get them to email me right away. No?

So I had an idea. I’d use javascript to open up a new window on the same page instead. My portfolio won’t have additional 5 html pages.  Each case study will be displayed neatly to emphasize my skills and my experience while at the same time not too long winded and boring.

A few days later, after trying different codes on Github, I finally found this super cool Google Grid Gallery.

I learnt to tweak its CSS (real painful) and changed the grid to show 3 columns instead of 4 so I could have larger web images.

If you notice, there is still a slight error with the script. You can scroll to the next project but can’t scroll back. Still haven’t figured out how to fix the error.

This morning, I posted my super messy code to Github. Honestly, I feel like it is the most embarrassing thing to do because my code is as messy as shit and I feel like a total newbie. There are so many Github pros…! But I kept telling and assuring myself that I will be just fine and I am going to do this. I’ve been thinking too much about what other people think of me that I think it’s time to step up.

My next project is to create a colouring canvas – I have been dying to create one since I started coding my portfolio but couldn’t stop working on my portfolio since it was already half way done. Also, my goal now is to not stop anything half way. Yes, I tend to create things and abandon projects when they are 95% done.

Unlike Jennifer Dewalt, where she coded 180 things for 180 days, I am going to code 180 dreams completely with no deadline. I don’t want to make coding a stressful thing. Also, I have a tendency to abandon my project if I don’t reach the given timeline so I am aiming for a perfect completion rather than execution and unpresentable project.

But still, realistically speaking I think I will need to complete all these projects in about 180-250 days.

Now let’s see…

Ok back to coding.


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