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Project 2: Paint the circles

Click here for project 2!

I have initially wanted to code something about painting a bear. However the whole process of drawing a bear with circles is too much for my tiny brain… maybe next time. So I did circles instead on a galaxy background.


I thought it was going to take me real long. Surprisingly not so I spent another 4 hours creating a bark a boo with jquery. Not done yet so this will be for another post…



Takeaways from this project:

  1. Coding is addictive
  2. I should have made my planets exactly like the real planets in the galaxy
  3. I can actually draw a canvas with <div> not <canvas>
  4. Glad for Jennifer Dewalt because I can sort of copy her code and edit it here and there. (That’s how you learn right?!)
  5. The code did not work at first because I did not have the jquery script src first before anything else (before the </head>)

Ok, this might not be an interest to my non-coder peeps but I don’t care. Haha. At least you get to enjoy looking at my girly project everyday right.



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