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Project 3: Now you bark me, now you don’t!


This project actually took me a day but then I spent a week+ trying to figure out if I could implement a legit, working Dislike/ like buttons on the page. I searched for tutorials like crazy and felt like if there were a certificate for an avid Googler, I could have won.

Although I haven’t completely figure it out yet, I thought I should move on first and then maybe by doing other small projects I will figure this out.

I don’t want to implement this with mySQL and PHP that I personally coded because what if my code is nothing but utter rubbish and causes my server to crash? What if my server gets hacked because of my noob code?

Click here for project 3.

Ok, I will come back to this. For now, please just comment below or on Facebook if you like this project. Since the counter actually resets with each new browser 🙁

Any good programmers willing to help me?

Here’s my problem:

I am able to figure out how the counter works with PHP and MySQL and how to keep data by using these two programming languages. But how can I implement HTML instead of index.php? Will I be able to still use my current code?




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