Dear Diary: My Very Weird Dream

I had a scary dream last night. I might have read too much Sherlock Holmes this weekend fml.

I don’t know if I should classify it a nightmare since I survived the dream and I actually found it pretty exciting…?

So last night, I had this really vivid dream of me being stranded in an old house with a group of friends ( a few angmohs and asians). The funny thing is that I know nobody in real life. Like I don’t even know who they are or if they even exist. But in my dream, I talked and behaved like I knew each one of them and we were some sort of famous five from Enid Blyton…?!

Ya wth right. Haha.

So the dream started with us being locked in a dilapidated and rundown house where a serial killer dwelled. I am not sure why we were there but when we found out the serial killer was looking for his next victim, my “friends” and I immediately ran to a room to hide.

Anywho, somehow, someone managed to kill the serial killer and my guy friend (don’t know who) came to tell my girl friend (I also have no idea who but in my dream we were really close) and I. He also said that a bus was coming to get all of us out from the place and we were to hurry lest we missed the bus.

This girl friend of mine had long hair that fell perfectly on her shoulder. She was really pretty with ebony skin, soft spoken, gentle and very demure. We were a total walking contrast. The reason why I can still sort of remember her disposition and features is because in my dream, we actually…showered together…

In my defence, it was a quick shower. There were two shower heads in the bathroom so it was not an R-rated scene. We had to share the soap but not even once I tried stealing a glance at her. One: I was shy. Two: I was scared to death thinking about the impending possibility of us being killed.

Looking back, I am really not sure why we even think of showering since we were battling a killer… but we just did and I think we decided to shower together because the place, with creaky floors and dim lights were terrifying. The girl actually was the one who suggested that we showered together. NOT ME (although this was my dream).

After, when we thought we could finally manage to get out of the house, someone barged in the room all bloody. He then whispered that one of our friends became mentally deranged and she was looking to kill. He said there was no way we could catch the bus and the only way to leave the place was to kill her. Everything turned into a mess. The bus was coming but there was no way we could escape. I heaved a sigh thinking the girl and I didn’t have to shower together since there was nothing to rush for.

In my dream, I also somehow possessed an extremely strong intuition of the whole situation. I knew that even after we killed her, one of us would become the next murderer and the cycle would continue. The thoughts sent chills down my spine because I realized the girl whom I showered with could have murdered me too if I wasn’t careful.

I was about to mutter this fact to my “group of friends” when I woke up and snapped back to reality.  The dream made my heart race so much I felt like I just did a marathon. Omg.

It was indeed a strange, strange dream but what a relief that it was just a dream. I cannot imagine it being a reality. I’d have constant panic attacks and wobbly feet.

I wonder if it could mean anything or could the dream just happened because I recently binged on books by Stephen King, Arthur Conan Doyle and erm, Murakami? The dream illustrates darkness, friendship, mystery and my shower scene feels like it’s been derived from Murakami’s Sputnik Sweetheart…Maybe somehow I mixed all their stories together and weaved them into a fantasy?!

Just thought I’d share my dream here since I’d probably forget them in a few days…

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