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Sorry, but I am still alive.

Haha I’ve been wanting to blog for the longest time. LIKE A REAL LONG TIME but I was such an idiot. I forgot the password to this site and then got really busy so eventually gave up trying to reset the password.

Resetting the password wasn’t that easy because each time I tried to click on “Forget Your Password” link, I was being redirected to an ERROR 404 Page which SUCKS. So the only way was to chat with my web host and get them to solve the issue for me.

That’s why it took me so long. It was so mafan (troublesome) that I just kept postponing it.

Not sure who is reading this still (like my visitor rates probably dropped so much since I went MIA-ing) but who cares, I am just going to write for the sake of writing. I just miss writing freestyle like this.

Big News #1:

I am pregnant. OK JK.



This move was unfortunately not well-planned. It sucks thinking about it because I actually planned my previous 3-week vacation to LA – VEGAS – NYC – WA better.

Anyway, I have finally settled down and being home feels so good. It is just so warming to call strangers uncle and auntie. So deceiving because we are not even related but at the same time, it is a heartwarming kind of deceit – so still tolerable and I don’t mind it forever.

The weather is humid (nothing new) but I have been hiding in the mall working so I haven’t really sweat a lot.

I miss Vancouver sometimes. Seven years is a long time to not miss the city. Sometimes I’d wake up in a daze. I would wonder where I was and it’d actually take me a few secs before realizing that I am not in Vancouver anymore. The other day, I even had a passing thought about winter then I had to brush it off because fml, there is only one season in SG how could I forget!

Otherwise, life has been pretty good. I am not complaining.

Oh I am still coding. Recently just created a blog app project with Ruby on Rails. So proud of myself!

Ok that’s all. 🙂

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