Why UXelle?

I’ve never thought that one day, I will be thinking of setting up my own digital agency. The feeling is inexplicable and downright…weird. Yes, I am completely weirded out.


First: It was unexpected.

Second: I am terribly afraid.

Let’s talk about my first reason why it is still surreal and strange to me that I now have UXelle.

Before I registered UXelle, I’ve wanted to create a website that will curate artwork of artists in the street. UXelle was meant initially to just be a platform for artists worldwide. But I touched down Singapore realizing the site couldn’t just be a platform else it will just be my any other blog.

I cannot just have another fun site. That’s when the idea came about.

I have always been interested and almost too obsessed with digital marketing and websites. Why not create an agency?

And so I did. I created UXelle…unexpectedly.

It somehow felt a tad too random. But looking back, I think I’ve already had this in mind long before. I remember X (just someone) asked me if I ever thought of opening my own agency. I shrugged at the thought. I really didn’t think it was something I was capable of. Plus, with the competitors abound, is my service really needed?

That then brings us to the second reason – fear.

Fml. I am doing this full time so UXelle has to work out. UXelle has to profit else I will be eating peanuts. And so the thought make me rather scared. What ifs whirl in my mind like crazy.

At times, I do feel slightly down. For no reason why. Not even because I have no leads. (Fortunately, I still do). I think I feel slightly down because although I know how much UXelle can achieve, sometimes the road towards that goal is still foggy and so, a lot of times I am trusting my instinct and intuition with every decision.

It is 1:46 AM now. A few sentences probably doesn’t make sense but whatever. I can’t wait to show UXelle to the world.

Almost there

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