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Sitting in the memory of my past right now.

I know everyone will say this…


But it’s hard to get over the fact that I am already in my mid twenties. It sucks because I don’t remember a lot of the things I used to do when I was younger and yet concurrently, I don’t feel any older. I just feel I am time travelling to the future and I am still 20 years old. Weird I know. I guess because I have never really acknowledged my age until now?

Anyway, I am writing this because I just watched two nostalgic videos: Xiaxue’s latest My Guide to Life,  Jennim (ClothesEncounter) video with her friend, Sarah who started the channel with her plus I just saw my cousins who I still remember seeing them as babies. All those things now make me reminisce my childhood memories damn it, and so now I just want to remember them here and relish them again.

So here are the list of things I did / had when I was a child that I still fondly remember…

1. The red phonebooth
Back when having a nokia phone means you just spent $800+, everyone would rely on the phone booth in school to make calls. I don’t remember how many minutes a phone conversation would last with $0.20 but I remember feeling so upset because I had to use a $1 coin to make a 2 minute phone call. I don’t remember why I had to make that call either. Lol.

They look something like this:

Photo credit:

2. A Barbie Bed and Bathtub Set

My barbies were all as lazy as me so I remember loving this set so much. The set has just one flaw: not having a toilet bowl and a bassinet. Like wtf. It makes barbies less real because I suddenly realized they don’t pee or poo.

3. 3 for $1 Curry Puff

I used to love curry puff so much and can you believe it, it was only $1 for 3 legit, mouth watering, filling and crunchy puffs?!

4. Geylang Serai Community Club

5. The very first computer I built 

Of course it was my dad who bought all the parts and all I had to was build them as per instructed like putting the hard drive, cd rom etc. I remember getting all excited and wanted a pink, feminine wallpaper on the desktop but later decided on a car wallpaper (no idea what sports car was that) instead just because I wanted to look COOL and deny my girly disposition.

Looking back, I realized how I now don’t give a damn anymore what people think of me and how now I wished I had chosen a floral, girly barbie wallpaper then, to adorn my first desktop instead of that.

But maybe it’s a prophecy that I am going to own a sports car soon. HaHa.

6. Church

Growing up, church was such a huge part of my life – I am getting there again, God. Sorry. :/

It was a lot about God, cell group, prayer meetings and food (haha). I’ve never regretted my super active church lifestyle. In fact, it was one of the best time. Everything was simple back then plus being in church made me such a deep thinker. Don’t I want to serve anymore now? Yes, I do. But I just don’t know when and which church I want to commit. So let’s see.

7. 听写本 (A Spelling Book?!)

This memory is annoyingly permanent in my brain because this is the book I used to always either misplace or forget to bring! Basically a 听写本, is just a spelling book for incredulous chinese words and you’d usually buy a new one if you forgot the book. So back then I remember accumulating so many notebooks. I’d have 听写本 I and 听写本 II, 听写本 III etc. because silly me forgot the book each time there was a ting xie and thus had to buy a new one. LOL

8. Corn Bao (Bun)

Not everyone loves corn bao (I really don’t understand why?! IT’S SO GOOD PLEASE.) Since it wasn’t popular, the auntie who was selling them in my school canteen wanted to cease the sales of her corn bao entirely but she saw that I loved it so much that she continued selling them. Maybe there were a few others like me too but I was so happy I could still have my corn bao until O level. Lol

The corn bao / creamy custard bun looked like this

9. Last but not least…

Neoprint Machine

They were so expensive back then and the best place to take them was Bugis Junction. They let you add filters and make your pictures pretty. With the rising of filter apps and instagram this thing has almost disappeared. Bugis Junction also feels like a barren mall now with the neoprint magic gone. Funny how shops and businesses evolve overtime…



Honestly, I miss those days when Friendster still existed – can you believe it, I actually created a fan page for Moon Geun Young and garnered 10,000+ fans. LOL. People even thought I was her and for some reason it felt good and I miss those days when smart phones weren’t such a huge part of my life (my social skills were much better back then.) LOL.

Alright. Till another day!

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