You can’t be everything

Idk abt u but since young, I’ve always been taught to pick. 

You can’t have em all so you pick the one you like best. 

You can’t take all courses and thus, you pick the ones you really like. 

It makes the world slightly more organized (still a chaos btw) and people fall into the classes and places they believe they belong. There’s distinctive separation between the “corporate” and the “casual”, plus the “nonchalant” introverts and the “outgoing” extroverts.

They told me to look at successful people and businesses and they said,

“no one who is ever so successful wears many hats.”

Everytime someone says that, my honest opinion deep inside me is, “why not?”

I don’t want to brag about being a jack of all trades. Neither do I want to tell you how good I am at blabla. 

What I am trying to question you who are reading this is,

“Why do we freaking have to pick? When we don’t know and we don’t want to?!” 

Why when we are in turbulence at what we like best, we instinctively insist that we must, we must pick our course of life. 

I mean, if you already know what you want to do is totally FINE.

But what if you are like me – you love everything fascinating (aside from blood and pain)?

Yet, this is a bloody hell of life. 

We gotta pick. 

You either take this or that. 

You want both, you lose them all. 

I still wish I took that karate lessons when I was young. 

Next time if I have a little baby girl, I’ll tell her to run her life. The world is huge. She can be everything. Even a man.

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