Things to do on Kei Island – Getting there and what to bring

Last week, Two weeks ago Exactly 1.5 months now gosh time flies! I’ve let this post stay dormant for way too long lol.

Anyway, so I went on a 4 night 5 day trip to Kei Island (Perpulauan Kei), an island located 1 hour (typed 5 minutes LOL) away from Ambon. I have actually never heard of this island until cousin G mentioned it and was actually about to plan a solo trip to Bali. I searched it up, stalked the tour company Continue reading “Things to do on Kei Island – Getting there and what to bring”

My Highlights on Singapore’s First Artbox

It might be a bit too late now since the Artbox frenzy is sort of over but I visited the flea market twice two weekends ago so I thought I better write an in-depth post about my experience. Haha.

What is Artbox?

Artbox is a pop up creative flea market famous for having its stores in giant shipping containers. The market had its fame in Thailand and finally, two weeks ago, made its debut in Singapore.

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Cafe Hunt: The Coffee Academics

Funny how life works.

I used to hate coffee. I couldn’t appreciate its icky bitter taste and never really experienced the aftermath – awakening sensation and alertness one claimed to experience.

I was a coffee avoider until I started working. When I started working, coffee suddenly became my best friend. I started enjoying its bitter sweet taste. Plus an espresso shot (ok maybe 3) tastes really good with piping hot steamed, foamy milk. Also, I was awake. Like literally awake at least for the first couple hours. I used to be a sleepy head with or without coffee! It’s like a miracle.

Now I enjoy the taste of well roasted coffee beans plus its smell… coffee smells so good…divine.

Ok, seriously. I didn’t know adult bad habits would come naturally and easily. It’s like envying those adults sitting in a cafe chit chatting or working when you were younger and wondering what was so enjoyable about that?! And then reaching adulthood and doing the friggin’ same thing without being taught…at.all. Great.

Anyhow, yesterday while hunting for a cafe to complete a few design projects that I’ve been neglecting because procrastination is my best friend tyvm, a friend introduced me to the Coffee Academics – a coffee place located in Scotts Square, Singapore. Oh yes. I am currently resting on the sunny island, basking under the sun, enjoying Singapore’s toasty 35-degree Celsius weather. Just kidding. It was actually raining cats and dogs when I touched down.

The Coffee Academics

The cafe is for the coffee enthusiast but also serves meals. It is beautifully adorned with modern ceiling lights and inviting with its spacious and cozy layout.

What I ordered:

Lavender Cake – $8 – $9

Strong taste of lavender combined with layers of chocolate cake and chocolate cream on a crispy and bittersweet chocolate crust. So chocolatey yet nowhere guilty because gulp, IT IS CHOCOLATE FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

Great Manuka Honey Latte – $7 

Extremely well-brewed espresso beans. I opted for soy milk (no charge) as I have strong aversion to milk. Sweetened with Manuka Honey the latte tasted purrfect. I initially thought the cup was pretty tiny but it turned out to be just nice. Well worth my 7 bucks.


Is there wifi: Yes.

Is this a good place to study/work? Yes unless it’s the weekend.

Are there power sockets? No.

Will you visit again? Yes

Price range: $15 – $30

5 Things I miss most about Singapore

Feeling homesick recently and foremostly, missing hawker food… so here are the 5 things I miss most about the little red dot…

1. Fried Carrot cake

Needless to say, carrot cake is my favourite hawker food. The blacker, the better – I could hear myself say as I watch the hawker auntie or uncle fry my carrot cake…

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My 7 Travel Tips for New York City

So I visited the Big Apple last Thursday. It was a quick short trip but nonetheless amazing. I did not do much planning. I hate making travel plans unless I have a place or two in mind that I really want to visit so bad – like Niagara Falls – otherwise, I’m the girl that goes to wherever brings her. So this trip was equally unplanned, rushed and well… kept chill.

So here’s New York in my eyes and my personal tips for you if you’re thinking of getting lost in New York City:

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Taiwan Trip 2013

Fyi: This entry was written last year August 16, 2015 for my previous blog. 

Thought I’d share my trip to Taiwan two years ago today. It was a fun 7 day trip with Cheryl and her parents and I have meant to blog about it for a lonnng time.

Here’s what, as I recalled, happened…

Not in any chronological order.

Warning: This is a very long, photo heavy post. Read at your own risk!

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