Sakura Days Japan Fair 2016

Out of curiosity and love for the Japanese culture (more like Japanese food), I dragged Mel to the Sakura Days Japan Fair held at VanDusen Botanical Garden. There were a lot of happenings at the fair but we were mostly interested in two things: food & beautiful flowers.

The entrance fee to the two-day fair was supposed to cost us about $12 each (early-bird fees) but there was a glitch with their system so they apologetically offered us free tickets. Yay!



It was definitely a waiting game for both of us. Almost every stall has a 20 to 30 minute waiting time and we lined up basically for everything from my matcha tea to 6 skewers.

Ichiyo Matcha Bar was the first stall we visited and I was excitedly looking forward to. The Matcha lover in me silently screamed in delight and couldn’t wait to see what the fuss was all about. The Singaporean instinct in me also thought the wait must be worth it since the line snaked from the counter to the sitting area.


Decision is especially hard when you see everything Matcha. I really need. to. visit. Japan.


Finally decided on half-sweet, iced matcha tea since I was still battling with cold.


After, it was another 20 minute of wait for a Mogu burger but time passes so quickly when you have someone to chit-chat with!


An upside down Ebi Burger.


I simply cannot resist grilled skewers, no matter how sick I am…



6 skewers for $5. Pricey but pretty filling.


Hurricane Potato was next. Felt like one stick wasn’t enough.


Other things. Besides. Food:

Curious human beings crowding vendors selling Japanese accessories.


Oops. Sorry. I think it’s really hard to keep myself away from food. I spotted my favourite chocolate store, Coconama.


Watched visitors playing Kendama.


So attracted to these accessories but resisted from buying them as I’m trying to lead a very minimalistic lifestyle. These would probably be something I toss away in a couple of months…


There were no cherry blossoms in sight. It’s probably isn’t the season yet. However, it was still satisfying to view a large selection of plants and capture them with my camera.


We were being silly (my idea) and tried a few jump shots but all turned out pretty unglamorous.

Fortunately, this random, unintended shot turned out well and happy!


Will I go again?

Right now, maybe not unless my friends really want to go (I’m really a pushover, sigh).

No because:

The fair was fairly crowded for someone who tries her best to avoid crowds.

It turned out Coconama was more expensive at the fair. I passed by a Japanese Store yesterday and the heavenly chocolates I bought at the fair was sooo much cheaper there. Quite disheartening!

I wasn’t interested in the tea ceremony, calligraphy, or wearing a yukata (Japanese Kimono) that day. The line was unbearably long, and with the sweltering weather and my lingering cold, we didn’t think they were worth the wait.

But again, maybe yes because:

They have a good selection of Matcha.

I seriously can’t resist Japanese food!

I didn’t get to attend the tea ceremony and play Kendama.

Someday, I might want to wear a yukata or even buy one.

My friends want to go.