Yukon 2015

Three months ago, I finally booked my trip to Yukon. It was initially undecided. I’ve wanted to stay put in Vancouver after Christmas but finally decided otherwise and conceded to my long-time dream of seeing the northern lights.

The Northern Lights. The first time I heard of it was during my Astronomy class in university – that was also when I learnt to stargaze and fell in love with the enormous sky and its content. The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis , are the results of collisions between the gaseous particles from the Earth atmosphere with the charged particles from the Sun. Oxygen produces green northern lights while Nitrogen Oxide produces Purple hues. And after the course, it became my desire to see them one day.

I’ve tried catching them here in Vancouver but to no avail. Sometimes, CBC/ Vancity Buzz will write about their upcoming appearance but either I’d somehow miss them or they just don’t appear. One time I even waited somewhere in Whistler till ungodly 1AM to view them but they didn’t appear! So, this time, I chased them all the way to Whitehorse and here are the highlights of my 4 days / 3 nights trip!

The beautiful snow-covered land


The beautiful Northern Lights on my first night. I thought I wasn’t going to see it since it didn’t appear at all until 2AM. Anyway, the lights were dancing for a few minutes and I felt chill plus goosebumps just by watching them (apart from the temperature hitting minus 30 that night). It was so beautiful that I felt so emotional and almost teared. I’ve never had thought I’d one day see them with my very own eyes. I finally did and will never trade anything for another experience like this.


Books… more books and books! Give me all time in the world and you’ll find me hiding in a book store or a library. The selection of books in the minute Yukon Downtown is simply amazing. The prices are also extremely reasonable. The underground store (its passage is seen under the “BOOK ORDERS” sign) has crazy great deal of books priced $5 – $10. I was so tempted to get a few books but remember how my shelf is currently full so didn’t get any. Shucks. But I did spend a very long time browsing. 


Another day of seeing the Northern Lights was still as exciting as the first day. Only this time, the lights danced in the sky all the way until we left. Btw, the sky was darker than pictured. I had to change the focus, shutter speed, ISO etc as to get a clearer view of the green hues. Thus the picture looks like the sky was really bright that night. Nope. It was in fact pitch black.


The heat in the cabin located near the Northern Lights viewing point. It was so cold that I had to make trips to the cabin to keep myself warm for a while before coming out to capture the lights again. And the heat has never been as appealing as that night.


Starbucks! God.knows.how.cold.Yukon.is.that.Starbucks.is.very.welcome.


Moose at the Yukon Wildlife Reserve Park staring at my camera. It was so friendly and I felt so sad seeing it kept behind the fence. 🙁


The Yukon River. It’s so beautiful. I cannot even imagine. The weather was really cold. That day, it hit minus 35, still the beauty took away the breeze of cold and brought me a sense of appreciation and gratitude – I’m not even kidding. I didn’t think I could stand and stare for at least 30 minutes but I did. Nature is simply amazing, isn’t it?


Snowmobiling on a frozen lake! The ice hit 6″ deep that day (according to the tour guide) so we crossed the lake and it was such a thrill. I’ve never thought in my dear life I would be crossing a frozen lake with a snowmobile!


The snow. Whats winter and Christmas without snowflakes and snowfall? Teehee


Takhini Hot Spring. It was a joy to be immersed in a fairly warm water when everywhere was chilly. I finally felt my freezing fingers.


The beautiful nights. 


Now now, I think Yukon has taken a bit of me with its beauty and people…

I’d be back soon!