Know Your Worth & My Fuck-It-All Theory

(Scroll to the very bottom for my Fuck-It-All Theory or read my ramblings while you sit in your comfortable chair with your favourite drink.)

I think the hardest part for me, especially recently, is knowing my self-worth more than having the confidence to do what I love perfectly. I cannot deny that for the past few days, I question my own being, the person I am and wonder if my dream is actually too high. I thought perhaps I was trying to reach for the stars when I can barely see the sky. I thought maybe, I thought too highly of myself, thinking I am capable of being a somebody when I still am a nobody.

It took me a week of googling and reading people’s answers from Quora to realize this one very important thing – realizing my worth.

Realizing my worth then adds up to a lot of things but mainly the points below:

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