My Smart Parka Return Experience

Firstly, I really didn’t expect my post on my stupid buy to receive so many comments and interactions. For those who feel the way I do, sorry to hear and I am glad to know that we are in this together and we are not alone! Also, if you are so in love with your smart parka, GOOD FOR YOU. This is my experience. It’s unfortunate for me so stop telling me how great the parka is, how awesome the company is… It’s either you are North Aware trying to validate yourself or you are just an oblivious buyer that isn’t even making us customers who have experienced otherwise feel better. Ya ya ya. Stop reading my blog if you ain’t happy yo.

K let me rant here:
Sometimes when you are so mad, I think all you want is for people to understand / listen to you. Not to tell you how wrong you are and how you shouldn’t feel that way. I’ve already felt the way I feel right now, what makes you think I’d feel differently when you insist on your views? Are you Ryan Reynolds?

So anyway, here’s my experience returning the Smart Parka to North Aware. (Wtf lol. really feel like a hypocrite as I type the jacket name. The Parka is not smart at all. )

After receiving my jacket on Dec 29th 2016, I immediately emailed North Aware for my refund. According to them, in order to get a refund, I’d have to send them an email with the order id blabla.

I immediately emailed them for a refund because I am pretty kiasu (Singlish  for hate to lose) and was afraid they are going to tell me that it is too late to get a refund and all that.

December 29, 2016

A few days passed and I was getting anxious. I did not want to miss my return deadline and have them tell me that my jacket is no longer refundable – it’d be super wtf! Furthermore, they actually responded to my friend who requested for a refund a few days later than me. I was so mad.

So furious me googled Consumer Complaint Letter and this came out:

January 6, 2016

I sent a consumer complaint letter “threatening” to report if they do not respond to me.

I also forwarded the confirmation email my friend received from them so they know how unfair it was that they chose to ignore MY EMAIL and respond to hers.

I am like this super annoying woman but can’t help it and oh, I am not sorry.

After trying to get a refund for almost a week, I finally resorted to Facebook Messenger. Bloody hell. Feeling furious just thinking about it.

Obviously I know you have weekends off but WHY COULDN’T YOU RESPOND TO ME on weekdays? Do you really think I like bugging you like this, North Aware?

Wtf right?My email or emailS, North Aware? Lost in all of other busy emails? So what now. My email isn’t important? Do you have like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates to attend to? What makes other customers much more worthy of your time than I am?  Also my coat obviously has been delivered else why would I be requesting for a refund….You should be going through your inbox and check before asking me QUESTIONS LIKE THAT PLS.




Tell me how do you not get mad? It was more than just providing my order ID plus list of items I have bought. I had to turn to Facebook Messenger, send bloody hell umpteen number of emails and even threaten to lodge a consumer complaint report? Damn you, North Aware!

Oh also, shipping fee from Vancouver (tracking included) cost me $27.70. I know it’s much more if you are to ship from US or other countries – sorry to hear.

On Jan 24, I learnt that my jacket has been delivered and received.

I should have taken a screenshot of that as evidence but never thought that I’d be writing an update on my stupid buy…I also never thought that they’d say my tracking number isn’t working and create such a havoc.

Insane right.

How many times do I have to provide my tracking number to them?

I did it via email once and another time on Facebook…. looks like that ain’t enough…

Honestly, I was so worried when they said my tracking number did not work. I remember it worked because that’s how I learnt the package has been delivered. I am guessing Canada Post might have removed the tracking number 10 days upon delivery.

Thank goodness I did a smart thing and took a picture of my receipt.


Also sent them a screenshot of the email I sent after mailing the jacket…

I had to tell them that I WILL bring this to court (last resort) should they not process my refund before they could assure me that I’d get my money back. What.a.joke.

My tracking number did not work now because you should have checked it the week before not 5 days upon receipt @#@#@!#!#@!!!!

Feb 10, 2017

Finally received my refund but lost $20 for handling fee.

The $20 handling fee is an utter bullshit because I had to go through so much trouble getting a refund – you might as well pay me to handle my own refund – and it seems to me you are doing your best not to return my money. I even had to pay to ship the jacket back which means I lost $60 + precious time + energy + brain power getting to you and ensuring I get my remaining money back.

To those who are trying to return their jacket, here are a few tips:

  • Message them constantly as much as you can especially on Facebook.

  • Take pictures of your receipt

  • Track your package and take a screenshot when you learn they’ve received it. This way you have evidence ready just in case they tell you your package is missing or if they have any other ridiculous excuses

  • Worse come to worse, really, lodge a complaint.

Oh fyi

Wth right? What’s the use of us buying it way before production when the price we get is close to the sale price? Black Friday / Boxing Day would be a much better excuse for heavy discount but hey no, Valentine’s Day it is.

What an experience.

Hopefully there isn’t a second time else I’d be banging my head against the wall.