How to be happy when you’re unhappy

We have to deal with a lot of annoying people (including ourselves) in our daily life so here are my personal tips to stay all happy! After all, laughter is the best medicine right.

1. Watch funny shows

Like Ellen Degeneres. She cracks me up so much.

2. Find 10 things you are grateful for

There’s power  in being grateful. Start being grateful for the simplest thing, like the fact that you’re alive, or the many good friends you have whom you can always count on (even if it feels like you only have a friend… just be thankful).

3. Exercise

Your mood improves significantly just after 20 minutes of exercise. Did you know, exercise actually has the most powerful benefit when you are in a foul mood…! Additionally, it helps keep you fit which in turn makes you more confident and happier.

4. Discover what makes you happy and do it

Is it being out with your friends? Is it exercising or maybe, painting…or making music? Personally for me, I am the happiest when I have nothing to do at ALL. Yes. Those days when I have no plan and I am just lazying around at home…

5. Complain

Admit it that the situation wasn’t nice. Admit it that there are unfriendly, cunning and selfish people in this world. Bitch it to your best friends and move on. I never bottle things up because I know if I burst, the consequences will be even more terrifying. It’s totally OKAY to feel angry and mad. After all, we are human beings with emotions and we can never be 100% happy all the time. Having a diary to just rage on is also another way to let your anger and stress go.

6. Munch on Dark Chocolate


A little happy trick: Munch on dark chocolate daily to boost your mood and stay emotionally stable! Dark Chocolate has so many benefits and it is a healthier option than refined sugar.

7. Lastly…






I know it is easier said than done but honestly, it is the ONLY WAY to be happy. Let Go. So you are feeling upset, you feel wronged and everything is unfair and against you. You wish people could behave a certain way but know that you can’t change them but you have the power to LET GO and change you.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of letting go.

Don’t look back and let it go.

Yes you over there… Don’t try or question the situation anymore. LET GO.

Why do you have to LET GO? Of all the reasons I want to write in here, the most important reason why you should let go is because your problems and people who have hurt you are PLAIN GARBAGE… and garbage stinks so you have to trash them out.

They don’t deserve to occupy your mind moreover stink your daily life.

How to let go? Simple. Create boundaries and give up trying.

I hope this helps.

Do share with me some of your ways to stay happy in the comment below please please please. 



The Misconceptions About Letting Go


If I let go, they might not come back.

I disagree. Clinging onto something does not mean they will be yours or they will return. Letting go too doesn’t mean they are forever gone.

Clinging on is just a mere act of desperation. For a spur moment, you might feel secured and assured. But that’s only for a spur moment. Imagine carrying a 100000kg worth of rocks. You fear that if you let go of these rocks you might not see them anymore and they might not return…or you might not find them anymore.

But they are actually slowing you down. They are heavy, burdensome and scarring you. That’s why you have to let them go. Watch these rocks scatter on the ground as you throw them away, one by one. Start to prioritize your happiness, health and well-being. Strengthen yourself so one day, you can carry all these rocks again without them scarring you.

Letting go does not mean you will lose the things you love. Letting go is loving yourself enough to give yourself the time to heal. When you’re well enough, you’d have the strength to be anything and get anything you want.

If I let go, I’m not doing my best. 

In my previous post, I wrote about doing more than your best. Letting go doesn’t mean that you are not doing your best. Letting go means you have to let loose. It does not contradict or stop you from doing your best.

Letting go of negative emotions gives you the chance to focus on the positives.

Letting go of the things you cannot change, like natural disasters, someone else’s emotions, others’ decisions, shows you that the only person you can control is yourself. When you let go, you’re still doing your best but with a shift in emotion, feelings and most importantly, a different you.

Letting go means I’m not doing anything to make things work.

Wrong! Letting go means making things work together with the flow of universe. To let go is to believe. To create your life while feeling assured that all things work for your goodness, to prosper you and not to harm you (Quoting Jeremiah 29:11). Yes, you have to act to make things happen but you don’t have to react to things that do not happen the way you want them to. TO ACT DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO REACT.

Letting go is working hard without worrying. Letting go is pursuing your dream with happiness, in a state of calmness and euphoria.

I believe letting go is a beautiful act of forgiving, loving and entrusting. I let go because I know there are things that are out of my control. I let go because I’m secure enough to work on my well-being and my happiness. I let go because I want to attract people that will build me up, not bring me down.

Today, I sincerely write this to encourage you, who are reading this to let go of things that have been holding you back. Choose to feel light, joy and happiness. Chase your happiness while letting go of the turmoils and negativities that are holding you back.

If you believe in God, trust that when you let go, you let God work His way in you. You let Him work together with you for your divine plan. You’re not slacking off. Rather, you’re working hard but sans the heavy emotions that will only drag you down.