How to return your Smart Parka jacket

I am writing this because there have been a lot of comments on my post about how they could return their jacket.

It’s bloody annoying how they make it so difficult for buyers to return and so much easier to buy so here are my tips and hopefully they help you:

1. E-mail &

Include this in your email:

a. Your email that was used to place the order
b. Your backer number or order number
c. The list of products you are returning (here’s mine as an example):

1 Classic (Women) XS / Black
SKU: SPW10402021
1 T-Shirt (Female – S- Charcoal)
SKU: TSW990307

1 Smart Parka Gloves (2XS – Black)

SKU: GSW9990101

2. Facebook message them that you are waiting for their confirmation to ship the items.
MESSAGE them constantly. I know it sucks and we sound like those annoying and demanding customers but THIS IS COMPLETELY REASONABLY IMO because replying a customer is their job especially if the items are below expectations. Don’t feel bad for being annoying. Also, not all companies are like them so at least for once, you get to be demanding.
If they are still ignoring you, message them and tell them you are going to lodge a report against them. This is not a threat as they would be under serious lawsuit if they do not abide by your request to process the order.

3. Once they confirmed that they’ve received your request, ship your jacket and everything you want to return.
Process the package ASAP and remember to request for a tracking number from the post office. It is heartbreaking and downright irritating yes because we have to pay for the shipping fee. Take it as a lesson learnt and an unwilling act of charity. No other way to comfort your soul besides that.
Take a picture of the tracking number and your shipping fee payment receipt.
Have one for safekeeping and send the other receipt to them.
4. Track your shipment constantly and once you’ve been notified that they’ve been received, TAKE A SCREENSHOT of what you see.
Why? Because this way, North Aware has no reason to say that they did not receive your jacket at all. You have proof that the jacket has been in their warehouse and you have been adhering to all their return guideline which is so much more steps than buying the jacket itself.
5. Facebook Message and Tweet Constantly to them until you receive your refund.
6. Worse come to worse, really lodge a complaint.
7. If this is too troublesome for you, take it as a $350 CAD sunk cost. But seriously, I rather you donate them to a charity organization.
Hope this helps!