How to return your Smart Parka jacket

I am writing this because there have been a lot of comments on my post about how they could return their jacket.

It’s bloody annoying how they make it so difficult for buyers to return and so much easier to buy so here are my tips and hopefully they help you:

1. E-mail &

Include this in your email:

a. Your email that was used to place the order
b. Your backer number or order number
c. The list of products you are returning (here’s mine as an example):

1 Classic (Women) XS / Black
SKU: SPW10402021
1 T-Shirt (Female – S- Charcoal)
SKU: TSW990307

1 Smart Parka Gloves (2XS – Black)

SKU: GSW9990101

2. Facebook message them that you are waiting for their confirmation to ship the items.
MESSAGE them constantly. I know it sucks and we sound like those annoying and demanding customers but THIS IS COMPLETELY REASONABLY IMO because replying a customer is their job especially if the items are below expectations. Don’t feel bad for being annoying. Also, not all companies are like them so at least for once, you get to be demanding.
If they are still ignoring you, message them and tell them you are going to lodge a report against them. This is not a threat as they would be under serious lawsuit if they do not abide by your request to process the order.

3. Once they confirmed that they’ve received your request, ship your jacket and everything you want to return.
Process the package ASAP and remember to request for a tracking number from the post office. It is heartbreaking and downright irritating yes because we have to pay for the shipping fee. Take it as a lesson learnt and an unwilling act of charity. No other way to comfort your soul besides that.
Take a picture of the tracking number and your shipping fee payment receipt.
Have one for safekeeping and send the other receipt to them.
4. Track your shipment constantly and once you’ve been notified that they’ve been received, TAKE A SCREENSHOT of what you see.
Why? Because this way, North Aware has no reason to say that they did not receive your jacket at all. You have proof that the jacket has been in their warehouse and you have been adhering to all their return guideline which is so much more steps than buying the jacket itself.
5. Facebook Message and Tweet Constantly to them until you receive your refund.
6. Worse come to worse, really lodge a complaint.
7. If this is too troublesome for you, take it as a $350 CAD sunk cost. But seriously, I rather you donate them to a charity organization.
Hope this helps!

My Smart Parka Return Experience

Firstly, I really didn’t expect my post on my stupid buy to receive so many comments and interactions. For those who feel the way I do, sorry to hear and I am glad to know that we are in this together and we are not alone! Also, if you are so in love with your smart parka, GOOD FOR YOU. This is my experience. It’s unfortunate for me so stop telling me how great the parka is, how awesome the company is… It’s either you are North Aware trying to validate yourself or you are just an oblivious buyer that isn’t even making us customers who have experienced otherwise feel better. Ya ya ya. Stop reading my blog if you ain’t happy yo.

K let me rant here:
Sometimes when you are so mad, I think all you want is for people to understand / listen to you. Not to tell you how wrong you are and how you shouldn’t feel that way. I’ve already felt the way I feel right now, what makes you think I’d feel differently when you insist on your views? Are you Ryan Reynolds?

So anyway, here’s my experience returning the Smart Parka to North Aware. (Wtf lol. really feel like a hypocrite as I type the jacket name. The Parka is not smart at all. )

After receiving my jacket on Dec 29th 2016, I immediately emailed North Aware for my refund. According to them, in order to get a refund, I’d have to send them an email with the order id blabla.

I immediately emailed them for a refund because I am pretty kiasu (Singlish  for hate to lose) and was afraid they are going to tell me that it is too late to get a refund and all that.

December 29, 2016

A few days passed and I was getting anxious. I did not want to miss my return deadline and have them tell me that my jacket is no longer refundable – it’d be super wtf! Furthermore, they actually responded to my friend who requested for a refund a few days later than me. I was so mad.

So furious me googled Consumer Complaint Letter and this came out:

January 6, 2016

I sent a consumer complaint letter “threatening” to report if they do not respond to me.

I also forwarded the confirmation email my friend received from them so they know how unfair it was that they chose to ignore MY EMAIL and respond to hers.

I am like this super annoying woman but can’t help it and oh, I am not sorry.

After trying to get a refund for almost a week, I finally resorted to Facebook Messenger. Bloody hell. Feeling furious just thinking about it.

Obviously I know you have weekends off but WHY COULDN’T YOU RESPOND TO ME on weekdays? Do you really think I like bugging you like this, North Aware?

Wtf right?My email or emailS, North Aware? Lost in all of other busy emails? So what now. My email isn’t important? Do you have like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates to attend to? What makes other customers much more worthy of your time than I am?  Also my coat obviously has been delivered else why would I be requesting for a refund….You should be going through your inbox and check before asking me QUESTIONS LIKE THAT PLS.




Tell me how do you not get mad? It was more than just providing my order ID plus list of items I have bought. I had to turn to Facebook Messenger, send bloody hell umpteen number of emails and even threaten to lodge a consumer complaint report? Damn you, North Aware!

Oh also, shipping fee from Vancouver (tracking included) cost me $27.70. I know it’s much more if you are to ship from US or other countries – sorry to hear.

On Jan 24, I learnt that my jacket has been delivered and received.

I should have taken a screenshot of that as evidence but never thought that I’d be writing an update on my stupid buy…I also never thought that they’d say my tracking number isn’t working and create such a havoc.

Insane right.

How many times do I have to provide my tracking number to them?

I did it via email once and another time on Facebook…. looks like that ain’t enough…

Honestly, I was so worried when they said my tracking number did not work. I remember it worked because that’s how I learnt the package has been delivered. I am guessing Canada Post might have removed the tracking number 10 days upon delivery.

Thank goodness I did a smart thing and took a picture of my receipt.


Also sent them a screenshot of the email I sent after mailing the jacket…

I had to tell them that I WILL bring this to court (last resort) should they not process my refund before they could assure me that I’d get my money back. What.a.joke.

My tracking number did not work now because you should have checked it the week before not 5 days upon receipt @#@#@!#!#@!!!!

Feb 10, 2017

Finally received my refund but lost $20 for handling fee.

The $20 handling fee is an utter bullshit because I had to go through so much trouble getting a refund – you might as well pay me to handle my own refund – and it seems to me you are doing your best not to return my money. I even had to pay to ship the jacket back which means I lost $60 + precious time + energy + brain power getting to you and ensuring I get my remaining money back.

To those who are trying to return their jacket, here are a few tips:

  • Message them constantly as much as you can especially on Facebook.

  • Take pictures of your receipt

  • Track your package and take a screenshot when you learn they’ve received it. This way you have evidence ready just in case they tell you your package is missing or if they have any other ridiculous excuses

  • Worse come to worse, really, lodge a complaint.

Oh fyi

Wth right? What’s the use of us buying it way before production when the price we get is close to the sale price? Black Friday / Boxing Day would be a much better excuse for heavy discount but hey no, Valentine’s Day it is.

What an experience.

Hopefully there isn’t a second time else I’d be banging my head against the wall.




North Aware Smart Parka Review – My Not So Smart Buy

Long rant because wtf North Aware you are driving me crazy and I feel really stupid with my recent purchase. Also because North Aware, you did not keep to your words and this is dishonesty and I feel terribly deceived!

11 months ago, I bought a Smart Parka from Kickstarter.

Ok first… why did I choose to pay $325 and wait for a winter coat when I could get one in store easily?

This was definitely a case of impulsiveness.

The built-in functionality

As a minimalistic slob, I also really like the idea of not having to bring a bag whenever I leave the house. The jacket was also advertised as being water-resistant and to come with a built-in scarf which I thought would be very convenient.  Look how promising it was! It was like a dream winter coat came true.



Shortly after, they started going back on their promise.

  1. The jacket will be produced in China instead of Canada
  2. It will be filled with synthetic down instead of real down as promised
  3.  The actual production timeline is totally way off than the estimate

I just googled. The changes they made actually created quite a commotion in the media!

CBC – Canadian parka company giving them the cold shoulder, customers say

BlogTo – Toronto crowdfunded startup embroiled in controversy

Throughout the whole process, I did not think of a refund because it was June / July – ish when they announced the change and the shipping estimate was August. Besides, there was also no mention of refund from their end, so I thought that refund wasn’t an option and the jacket must have already been produced.

But they were very very wrong with their shipping estimate and I was very very wrong to have trusted them.

The Estimated Timeline according to North Aware

So initially it was August 2016 and in June-ish, I received an email that October 25, 2016, would be the furthest (I am assuming the latest) delivery date.

They even said everything was on schedule


But guess what, it was not and I finally received the jacket on December 29. Wtf? So much for anticipating it in August?! And lots of love? Or lots of lie, North Aware?

Dec 29, 2016 

Finally, the jacket arrived in a huge white mailer/envelope.

Finally, my long, awaited jacket…

Phew, really finally. I was really really excited. How can I not? I waited 11 months for it! LOL never in my dear life have I waited for a purchase this long. 

Here’s my take on the Smart Parka (a break from my complaint):

What I really love about the jacket:

The Outer Shell

The outer shell of the coat is soft and as promised, waterproof. The jacket makes you want to snuggle in it for a long time. In fact, I am actually impressed with the quality! Yes, I guess I am guilty of judging a made-in-china product way too soon.


There are pockets everywhere! Pockets for your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Gloves, Winter Hat. What I find amazing is that stuffing additional items to the jacket did not make it any bulkier.

Built-in Glove Pockets

They call it “Built-In Gloves” but it is actually a pocket that’s added to the sleeves.

And I think it is a superb idea especially for someone (me) who constantly forgets how cold the weather can be during winter!

Ok. Back to ranting. 

However, despite all the good stuff I’ve just mentioned, there are things about the jacket that I really, really, cannot compromise:

The Warmth Factor

I haven’t tried wearing it out since I am planning to return it. However, I did compare it with my Eddie Bauer Down Jacket and realized that my Smarka is as not as warm. My Eddie Down has gone miles with me from Sunny Los Angeles to Bitter Cold Yukon. While I was in Yukon, even with my Eddie Down, I was still shivering (feel like I was about to freeze to death). So if my Eddie Down is warmer than my Smarka, I am assuming I’ll still be freezing with my Smarka.


The buttons were not tightly sewed to the coat. Unbuttoning them took a while because I had to be extra careful lest I drop a button! I foresee myself either losing buttons from this coat because they are flimsy and poorly sewed or having my coat forever unbuttoned.


Zippers do not zip up smoothly. The front zipper got stuck half way (the coat lining got in the way of the zip-in liner and the zipper) so I had to be really careful when unzipping.


The gloves in XS, are too tight for my petite hands. I seriously thought my hands are pretty tiny and I actually remember measuring my hands briefly prior to choosing my glove size. If I try hard enough, the gloves could actually fit but damn it, fat hands.

So, ya. I am definitely returning it.

You’d think getting the product was a crazy, long wait process but guess what, returning it is way worse. It is a bloody chore and it’s like talking to a brick wall – no one has responded to my email when I was told that they’d get back to me within 48 hours. 

Damn it, North Aware, I am feeling really scammed because of your dishonest business practice.

You lulled backers (like me) into believing that our jackets will be arriving on time and everything is on schedule but they were not – they were terribly delayed and winter is almost ending. 

(See Timeline above) I backed this up in March because you promised this jacket for Winter. It arrives in time for 2017 with Winter almost ending. Wtf.

You never once mentioned that we could get a refund

We could return the item once we’ve received it – yes but what about getting a refund prior to us receiving it?

If you could change your decision half-way while trying to invent this “Smart Parka”, why can’t we also have the option to change our decision to support you?!

Retail price for the jacket is way cheaper than estimated

Explain this to me, please? You said the estimated retail price was $725!


You promised it’d be made in Canada (if you have over 7,000 backers) and the jacket will be filled with duck down.

You broke your promise. If you’ve marketed the jacket as being manufactured in Asia (as in China) and filled with synthetic fiber, I will not have made the purchase.

Ok. North Aware, if you are reading this, please don’t try to comfort me by saying:

We are trying our best to accommodate everyone’s needs but there are only so many of us for so many of you… 

Yadayadayada. If you think you cannot handle all the complaints, then hire a new person, or be consistently active on Social Media or you know what, send an email to comfort us and tell dissatisfied customers like me (pretty sure I am not the only one) what the next best solution is. Plus if you are unable to respond within 48 hours, don’t make such promises. If you can constantly update us on the production process, you should be able to actively respond to our woes. Plus, this will not have happened if you did not break your promise.

We believe in ethical and responsible business practices

If so, why did you initially promise the jacket as filled with DUCK DOWN? So, prior to envisioning the Smart Parka, you have not the slightest clue that animals (like ducks) will be killed for your project?

Isn’t it obvious that when you mention DUCK DOWN, there is definitely a duck involved? I mean, I don’t make parka but when I buy a down coat, I know my purchase doesn’t make any animal rights activists happy.

Therefore, I do not believe this bullshit at all.

If you cannot turn a blind eye, it breaks your heart to see animals getting killed for your cause, then go all in, don’t even let early-bird buyers pick between fake or real fur and make sure that this project is cruelty-free. So animals did get killed for this project – lesser animals, but animals still died – the only difference is that you are probably profiting more from the lower manufacturing fees.

Also, the way you handle complaints show how irresponsible you are. Funny how you are responding to my tweets but not my emails. I am assuming my tweets make you look really bad on social media.

You can always return the jacket and get a refund

Yes, this is what I’ve been trying to do but no one has responded to my email. Also, guess what, I even have to pay shipping fees to return this jacket to you – What kind of sorcery is this…seriously.

OK. I don’t care what other excuses you have but please kindly return me my $$$ and stop scamming others and make it so difficult to process a refund.  This is not cool and definitely not a way to demonstrate ethic and integrity in your business! Also how to love this supposedly “Smart” Parka when you treat your customers in this manner?

Ya ya. I am one of those indoor people who stay home all day, purchase things online (Recently just bought a pack of toilet rolls from Amazon) and from time to time get enthralled (right now, scammed) by e-commerce stores promising one-of-a-kind, unique products.







Backers / North Aware Smart Parka Buyers reading this… how are you liking the jacket / the company? Am I the only one feeling so irritated and vexed?

Click here to read my refund experience.