Things to do on Kei Island – Getting there and what to bring

Last week, Two weeks ago Exactly 1.5 months now gosh time flies! I’ve let this post stay dormant for way too long lol.

Anyway, so I went on a 4 night 5 day trip to Kei Island (Perpulauan Kei), an island located 1 hour (typed 5 minutes LOL) away from Ambon. I have actually never heard of this island until cousin G mentioned it and was actually about to plan a solo trip to Bali. I searched it up, stalked the tour company Continue reading “Things to do on Kei Island – Getting there and what to bring”

My 7 Travel Tips for New York City

So I visited the Big Apple last Thursday. It was a quick short trip but nonetheless amazing. I did not do much planning. I hate making travel plans unless I have a place or two in mind that I really want to visit so bad – like Niagara Falls – otherwise, I’m the girl that goes to wherever brings her. So this trip was equally unplanned, rushed and well… kept chill.

So here’s New York in my eyes and my personal tips for you if you’re thinking of getting lost in New York City:

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